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Metcut Bolsters NDI Services With HFEC Inspection Capabilities

Metcut Bolsters NDI Services with HFEC Inspection Capabilities

Validate Fatigue Life Models

Fatigue damage such as hairline cracks, fractures around fasteners, welds and transitions in components or assemblies can be an early indication of impending catastrophic failure. Catching the cracks before critical components fail will save money and potentially lives in real life situations.  Having the confidence in the efficacy of your design and the evidence as part of the its foundation is paramount to end of life determination and long-term success. Here in a laboratory setting, component lifetimes can be validated to ensure that you will safely get the most mileage out of your designs.

One-Stop Shop

The availability of HFEC standards that mirror the types of damage expected in the field is essential for successful evaluation.  Tried and true, Metcut has been a leader in manufacturing test specimens for over 70 years starting with machinability studies in the early days. Along with our wide range of mechanical testing capabilities, we operate a full machine shop and offer engineering design services for test fixtures. Metcut is uniquely situated to offer “whole project” support from the design & manufacture of specimens and tooling through the delivery of the final report.

 We can make the EDM flawed standards to match your application, demonstrate the ability to detect these flaws, generate fatigue fractures in your test articles and find the flaws before a catastrophic failure occurs. Whether its aircraft skin facsimiles, pressure vessels, weldments or any other assembly, HFEC inspection is just one more tool at our disposal to help you meet your project goals. 

Authored By: Jeff Barnett. For more information on this subject or other testing solutions, contact me at

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