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High Pressure Umbilical HCF Testing

High Pressure Umbilical HCF Testing

15,000psi Pressurized High Cycle Fatigue Testing

BS 7608-2014 Weld fatigue qualification though High Cycle Fatigue testing at 15kpsi internal pressurization.

Deep Ocean well umbilical environment: wave and current induced dynamic loading

The umbilical tubing is formed and welded from flat stock, necessitating longitudinal and orbital welds for assembly of very long lengths of tubing. Since the tubing is coiled and uncoiled several times between manufacturing and installation, the accumulated plastic strain imparted to the welds through bending must be evaluated through HCF testing at high internal pressures. Metcut provides the application of the specified accumulated plastic strain (APS) about the tube diameter through a four point bending process, followed by uniaxial HCF testing (ASTM E-466) and a stress / life matrix while at 15k psi internal pressure.


Authored By: Bill Grieszmer, Chief Engineer. For more information on this subject or other testing solutions, contact Bill at 

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