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Metcut expertise, derived from many years of experience, tailors test plans to meet specialized customer needs. This special service includes print interpretation, design and development of test plans, test fixture design, test matrix implementation, as well as data analysis and reporting.

project engineering


We provide test protocol development and proof-of-concept testing to help solve customers’ special testing needs and to develop new testing capabilities. Below are a few examples:

  • Hollow tube torsional shear fatigue tests – developed to provide low-frequency cyclic torsion fatigue for material qualification.
  • 1 Hz shoe-on-block sliding wear test – designed to evaluate lubricants and wear-resistant coatings on mechanical interfaces in turbine engines under high-stress conditions.
  • On-Cooling tensile tests – developed to measure tensile strength of materials during thermomechanical processing.
  • 1,000,000 in/lb torsion test machine – originally engineered to test helicopter rotor shaft repair welds, and later used to test truck suspension torsion springs.
  • Hydraulic rod seal wear machine – designed for evaluating the wear performance of chrome and candidate chrome replacement coatings for hydraulic actuators.
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