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Structural Testing On A 600-Ton Strongfloor

Structural Testing on a 600-Ton Strongfloor

What is a strongfloor?

When Metcut decided to build their structural test facility, a strong floor was a must. The strong floor provides a 600 Ton, 1800 sqft, floor with 189 tie-down points to install various large structures and components. Each fixation point was installed and leveled, then pretensioned for up to 80 Kip of axial fatigue load. This test bed accompanies six slotted test beds and has allowed for Metcut to test structures as large as a 52-foot railcar, with floor space to spare. 




Some items tested on the floor

  • Fighter Jet Horizontal Stabilizer
  • Supersonic Jet Vertical Tail
  • Commercial Jet Nacelle
  • Commercial Jet Thrust Reverser Door
  • 52-foot train car
  • Locomotive rail car
  • Deep Sea Hydraulic Forgings


Authored By: John Muskopf. For more information on this subject or other testing solutions, contact them @

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