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Test Engineer


John’s responsibilities as a Test Engineer include customer development, project management, and technical support for both standard and non-standard mechanical testing in Metcut’s Large Structures Laboratory. John is a member of ASTM and is involved with many aspects of mechanical testing in various industries.
Joining Metcut in November of 2011 as an engineering technician with A.S. degrees in Electro-Computer Engineering Technology and Mechanical Engineering Technology. While working in Metcut’s fatigue testing labs, John continued his education; obtaining a B.S. in Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology in May of 2015 from the college of Engineering and Applied Science at Miami University. After graduating, John started working as a Test Engineer in Metcut’s structural and component test lab.
John has helped in the development of testing capabilities that include large full-scale test systems, multi-axis loading, non-destructive inspection (NDI), Digital Image Correlation (DIC), and more. John has played a key role in the expansion of Metcut’s Large Structures Laboratory as it physically grew from 2,000 SF to 10,000 SF in 2016, and continues to grow in both capacity and capability.

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